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New issue 3766 by Markup should be optional in review comments

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1. Open a review comment dialog for any code segment
2. Start typing text

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The new markup feature in review comments is nice.
However, in some cases it interferes with what
the user is actually trying to do. For example:

* The browser spellchecker does not work in the new control
* Typing any code, especially multi-line /* */ comments
with * on each line, easily confuses the markup engine.
Typical C++ defines surrounded with _ also confuse the engine.

Bottom line - there should be a user preference to switch
to a simple multi-line text control like it was before
the markup was introduced.

What operating system are you using? What browser?

Windows, Firefox.

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The markup control should be optional, controlled either
through a checkbox in the user preferences or, which is
better, in the dialog itself to allow posting different
comments depending on the needs.

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