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New issue 3792 by Outlook message (.msg extension) upload fails in 2.0.13

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I wanted to know if there is a quick fix is available for this.
If not how do I stop uploading such extension before hand than corrupting posts.
Is there some possibility to block at Apache configuration level?

Please follow the necessary information.

What version are you running?
ReviewBoard: 2.0.13
mimeparser: 0.1.3
Python: 2.7.8
Apache: 2.4.10

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?
After creating the review post, during file attachment procedure.
File upload, while updating the outlook message as an attachment the RB hangs ~30min and produces the attached error in .png file. Also the admin receives the information in text attachment.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create a new post

2. Attach a message from Microsoft outlook as it is as .msg extension. (hangs for a long time)
   Then produces the error as in attachment: rb_outlook_attach_error.png

3. Try to open the post, but doesn't open (while other posts are accessible) and produces the default 500 error only for the post that contain the .msg file extension as an attachment.

As user access to the post is broken and receives Error 500, however the admin can still access the corrupted post.

Something broke! (Error 500)

It appears something broke when you tried to go here. This is either a bug in ReviewBoard or a server configuration error. Please report this to your administrator

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
After attempting to upload the outlook_message.msg, the screen shot is attached in .png file.

What operating system are you using? What browser?
RHEL 6.5 (Santiago)

Please provide any additional information below.

The mimetype property was found in the link: <RB link root>/admin/db/attachments/fileattachment/

Before upgrade the RB version is 1.6.9 and the outlook message (Eg: outlook_message.msg) has the property of mimetype is: application/octet-stream - 1.6.9 was accepting outlook messages with this mimetype.

After the RB upgrade to 2.0.13 the mimetype is mentioned as "CDF V2 Document, No summary info"

The end result is the post is broken and not accessible, user has to generate the new post and publish without attaching the outlook_message.msg but in a different format.

So far this behavior is observed only with .msg extension.
other extensions like .txt .c .h .rtf .xlsx .htm .jpg and .sh are accepted by new RB version: 2.0.13

Also giving the text attachment that is received in the email back to admin with error. (trimmed path information).

        rb_outlook_attach_error.png  37.0 KB
        error_in_email_back_to_admin_mailbox.txt  8.2 KB

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