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New issue 3832 by Don't guess summary and description when updating reviews with 'rbt post'

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ReviewBoard 1.7.13, RBTools 0.8 alpha

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'rbt post' under perforce has a perhaps-unintended feature where I can update a review without using the -u option. However, rbt treats it as a new review and re-guesses the summary and description. It's convenient (and necessary in my organization, where we have a GUI alias to invoke rbt) to be able to use 'rbt post' (rather than 'rbt post -u') regardless of whether or not I'm posting a new review or updating an existing one.

When it realizes it's updating an existing review instead of publishing a new one (when -u is not specified), I would like rbt post to preserve that review's summary and description (which I may have edited when initially publishing the review) instead of overwriting them again from the changelist.

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Windows 7

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If you agree with the intended behavior, I'm happy to write the patch. It should be pretty simple.

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