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New issue 3841 by rbtools.api.request hardcodes http return codes



Note: this is based purely on code inspection. These numbers should be derived from the httplib module, not hardcoded in the code.

196 class ReviewBoardHTTPErrorProcessor(HTTPErrorProcessor):
197     """Processes HTTP error codes.
199 Python 2.6 gets HTTP error code processing right, but 2.4 and 2.5 only
200     accepts HTTP 200 and 206 as success codes. This handler ensures that
201     anything in the 200 range, as well as 304, is a success.
202     """
203     def http_response(self, request, response):
204         if not (200 <= response.code < 300 or response.code == 304):
205             response = self.parent.error('http', request, response,
206                                          response.code, response.msg,
209         return response

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