Comment #11 on issue 3824 by Git hooks not working

Yes I did here is the git log output

$ git log -2
commit a47d5832b1da763e9c9940a678eecd0357c767c2
Author: Pratap <>
Date:   Wed Jun 3 09:52:16 2015 +0530


    Reviewed at http://myserver/r/59/

commit 5a6d6a1b7650fc47cac98372dc0b9818438be03a
Author: Pratap <>
Date:   Wed Jun 3 09:49:10 2015 +0530

    foo11 with stamp

    Reviewed at http://myserver/r/58/

I did put some print statement in hook and getting this

remote: review_id_to_commits ----> defaultdict(<type 'list'>, {0: ['master (a47d
583)']})  <----
remote: print review_request_id 0
remote: I am in ELIF Loop Exiting!! We failed again

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