Comment #4 on issue 3949 by alextfish: Diffs: Distinguish between light yellow "nothing changed/whitespace changes" and light yellow "completely different lines"

Another example of the current confusing behaviour to demonstrate my point further. If I'm trying to follow the code flow on the right, reading the new code, I can see that although some of the lines are in light yellow, the only changes are adding the string 'NotSupported' to the contents of a string and a variable name. I therefore know that the basic functional flow of the code is unchanged.

However, then I get to lines 245-246, which are also in light yellow, but this does *NOT* indicate the basic functional flow is unchanged; in fact it indicates the code is *completely different*.

Once again, it's not clear for any given line whether light yellow means "unchanged text" or "very changed text".

        rb_yellows_2.png  50.8 KB

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