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New issue 3951 by [Active Directory LDAP ] Misleading info for Anonymous User Mask

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?

I'm using 1.7.21:

But it's the same in the last version:

Describe the problem and any recommendations below.

The Anonymous User Mask says (both in inline help on the Authentication configuration on RB and on the docs):

"The user mask string for anonymous users. This should be in the same format as User Mask."

However in my case I had to use the following format to make it work:

Anonymous User Mask        : myusername@windows.domain
Anonymous User Password : myusernamePassword

I found the solution in this thread:!searchin/reviewboard/ldap$20active$20directory$20user$20mask/reviewboard/XpRvjYp7SJ4/hs-pJ0v_S4AJ

(look at the reply from Jan Koprowsky)

When I was following the hint of the documentation I was using this mask for the anon user mask:


...and I was getting the following error:

LDAP error: The specified object does not exist in the Directory: sAMAccountName=myusername

(The same error was popping up when leaving the field empty)

Please provide any additional information below.

My RB is 17.21 and installed on a Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS

I set the other fields for LDAP Active Directory like this:

LDAP Server: ldap://
LDAP Base DN: ou=something,ou=USERS,dc=mydomain,dc=com
Given Name Attribute: givenName
Surname Attribute: sn
E-Mail LDAP Attribute: mail
User Mask: sAMAccountName=%s

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