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       I dont have administration tab in my organization's review board page. 
       I will give you details of how I had set up the repository.
       I cloned it from the main url:  git clone  <url name>
       Sunced from another branch:  git checkout <branch name>
                                   git pull
       Created a local branch:  git checkout -b <local branch name>
       Then edited some of the exixting files and added new files.
       For the first time without staging the newly added files I committed the 
edited ones and posted a review.
       Then again adding the newly added files I commited and got a new commit 
id and posted the review for that.
       Then there was corrections to be made to those files.So I edited those 
files and committed. But now when I post review using commands, post-review 
<new-commit-id> or post-review <new-commit-id> -r <old-reviewreq-no> there was 
an error in displaying the diff.
       So now I get this error only when i edit those existing files and if I 
add a new file it is diaplyed correctly.
       Can you please provide me a solution for this?

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