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    This is intentional. It's not the creation of the issue that updates 
`last_updated` (which `?last-updated-from=` queries). It's the publishing of 
the review. We update the timestamp when something fundamental happens on the 
review request, like a new draft of the review request is published or a new 
review/reply is published. This timestamp impacts the order in which review 
requests are shown in the dashboard (assuming you're sorting by Last Updated, 
which is the default). A review request jumping to the top of the dashboard is 
an indicator that there's something new there perhaps worth looking at, and 
changing issue statuses doesn't fall into that category (as it's primarily 
useful for the owner of the review request, not other reviewers).
    Toggling the issue status of a comment does impact another field on the 
model, `last_review_activity_timestamp`. This value, unfortunately, is not 
exposed in the API, and is worth adding (along with a 
`?last-review-activity-from=`). I'd take a patch to add that, and it'd probably 
be only about 3 or 4 lines of code in 
`reviewboard/webapi/resources/review_request.py` plus a couple of unit tests.

    - New
    + Confirmed

    - Type:Defect
    + Component:API
    + Component:Reviews
    + EasyFix
    + Type:Enhancement

    - Fixed issue / Drop issue doesn't update the last_updated_from in Review 
    + ReviewRequest.last_review_activity_timestamp should be exposed in the API

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