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New ticket #4455 by lukeschlather
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Status: New
Tags: Priority:Medium, Type:Enhancement

rbt post shouldn't overwrite manually configured target groups (e.g. 
TARGET_GROUPS) based on .reviewboardrc config

# What version are you running?
$ rbt --version
RBTools 0.7.6

# Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.
I have TARGET_GROUPS configured in my .reviewboardrc, and I run

rbt post
Review request #1234 posted.

I then go to the web UI and for this review I add another reviewing group. I 
get some reviews, go back and make some changes, and then resubmit it for 

rbt post -r 1234

I go back to the web UI to update my changes, and I have to manually re-add the 
second reviewing group. I don't want my TARGET_GROUPS to override groups I have 
manually configured. 

# Please provide any additional information below.

It might make sense that if I explicitly specified --target-groups on the 
command line that could be treated differently. But my basic thinking is that 
configuration shouldn't override explicit choice on the part of the user.


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