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New ticket #4466 by vinodkone
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Status: New
Tags: Priority:Medium, Type:Enhancement

Ability to mark a reviewer as the main reviewer

One of the issues I've seen with using reviewboard in an open source project 
I'm involved with is that it is hard to know who is responsible for landing a 

A review request typically has multiple "reviewers" specified to get feedback 
but when an action needs to be taken on a review (e.g., merge the review 
request, discard the review request, give review!) it is not clear which 
reviewer among the list of reviewers is on hook to do that.

I was imagining we could have a new field that can be set on a review request 
that identifies one of the reviewers as the main reviewer / shepherd. This will 
help immensely with tracking who is responsible to move the review through 

Has this feature or somthing similar been requested before?


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