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    We use Python's built-in support (the `webbrowser` module) for opening 
URLs. It runs through a series of checks, trying to find the right browser to 
open and trying to open a page in it. If it fails to do this, it falls back to 
the next available browser in the sequence. The one you're seeing is one of the 
    We have no control over this logic, and if it's getting all the way down to 
this browser, then it's most likely that the environment you're running it in 
doesn't have access to your web browser for some reason. If you're SSH'd in to 
a remote system, or running this from the Windows for Linux Subsystem, these 
may be the causes. If on WSL, it's going to be looking for a Linux desktop 
environment, which you won't have, and that'd be why it's falling back on the 
console web browsers. It won't be identifying as Windows and won't be seeing 
your browsers.
    If you're able to invoke the browser you want from the same terminal you're 
running `rbt` in, then one option is to set the `BROWSER` environment variable 
to the command needed to launch a page in a browser. This will instruct Python 
to execute that command when we attempt to open in a browser.
    See https://docs.python.org/2/library/webbrowser.html

    - open browser opens an internal browser 
    + open browser opens an internal browser

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