Okay I made the following changes to httpd.conf and it seems to be

<Location "/">
    PythonPath "['/django'] + ['/reviewboard'] + ['/'] + ['/
reviewboard/djblets'] + sys.path"
    SetHandler mod_python
    PythonHandler django.core.handlers.modpython
    SetEnv DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE reviewboard.settings
    SetEnv PYTHON_EGG_CACHE /tmp/python_egg
    PythonDebug On
    PythonAutoReload On

However, there is a problem with the .css files and images.  They are
not being found.  Instead of looking for them in rb/css or rb/images
for example, it tries to find them in dashboard/rb/css or admin/rb/css
i.e. prepending part of the url to the css or image link.  Any clues?
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