Okay, I switched back to r1462 and this problem went away. I'm facing
another problem though.... I can't seem to post any reviews: the page
(in which you enter the location of the diff etc.) reloads without any
visible error. I looked at my apache error logs but couldn't find
anything there. Any ideas?


On Sep 17, 4:53 pm, Vinay  Reddy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have the latest reviewboard (r1503), with django 1.0 and the latest
> djblets, and I get the following error when I try to view an svn diff:
> Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/var/www/reviewboard/
> diffviewer/views.py", line 86, in view_diff     files =
> get_diff_files(diffset, None, interdiffset, highlighting)   File "/var/
> www/reviewboard/diffviewer/diffutils.py", line 651, in
> get_diff_files     enable_syntax_highlighting)   File "/var/www/
> reviewboard/diffviewer/diffutils.py", line 567, in generate_files
> lambda: get_chunks(filediff.diffset,   File "/var/www/reviewboard/
> djblets/util/misc.py", line 55, in cache_memoize     data =
> lookup_callable()   File "/var/www/reviewboard/diffviewer/
> diffutils.py", line 570, in <lambda>
> enable_syntax_highlighting))   File "/var/www/reviewboard/diffviewer/
> diffutils.py", line 337, in get_chunks     old =
> get_original_file(filediff)   File "/var/www/reviewboard/diffviewer/
> diffutils.py", line 244, in get_original_file     data =
> cache_memoize(key, lambda: [fetch_file(file, revision)])[0]   File "/
> var/www/reviewboard/djblets/util/misc.py", line 55, in
> cache_memoize     data = lookup_callable()   File "/var/www/
> reviewboard/diffviewer/diffutils.py", line 244, in <lambda>     data =
> cache_memoize(key, lambda: [fetch_file(file, revision)])[0]   File "/
> var/www/reviewboard/diffviewer/diffutils.py", line 224, in
> fetch_file     data = tool.get_file(file, revision)   File "/var/www/
> reviewboard/scmtools/svn.py", line 104, in get_file     except
> pysvn.ClientError, e: NameError: global name 'ClientError' is not
> defined
> Any ideas? From a command-line python, I don't get any errors on
> running 'from pysvn import ClientError'. Thanks!
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