You can just review your own code... Publish the review to yourself,
review it, then add the intended reviewers. I do that sometimes. Being
able to order the files would definitely be helpful.

On Sep 19, 11:50 am, Daniel Wexler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> How do people annotate reviews prior to posting them publicly?
> When preparing a new review, I like to annotate the code with comments
> that describe the reasoning behind my choices.  These comments help
> guide the reviewer through the changes.  It is great when these
> annotations are tied to lines in the code.  When I try to annotate the
> code prior to a review, the diff tool lets me bring up the dialog, but
> it doesn't let me save my comments.  I have been able to enter
> comments into the "review" tab, and then publish them, but they don't
> seem to be tied to a code line.  Am I doing something wrong?
> The alternative that I'm using now is to write a long description of
> the change and put my annotations in the description field, using a
> file.cpp:# text to guide the reviewer.  There must be a better way?
> Along these lines, I also would love to have the option of ordering
> the files within the diff semantically.  By ordering the files
> carefully I can again help guide the reviewer through the review by
> showing, for example, the changes to a header before the
> associated .cpp file. Ironically, the alphabetical ordering tends to
> put code files (.cpp) ahead of headers with the same name.
> How do other people annotate their reviews to help guide the reviewer?
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