Hello all,

I'd like to query at what times the reviewboard server interacts with
the version control system.

I've been using reviewboard, but recently our VCS system was offline
for a while.  This affected the operation of reviewboard.  I think
improvements could be made in this area.

I found that the dashboard functioned as normal, but I was unable to
progress to view a review.

In the event of a VCS failure, reviewboard server should be able to:
1) Show the dashboard (currently works)
2) Show the top level review page (doesn't work)
3) Show the diffs - I'm assuming here that they're stored within
reviewboard (doesn't work)

I also assume that reviewboard doesn't store the entire contents of
the files for review, hence I would not expect the expanded entire
file view to work during a VCS failure.

Perhaps reviewboard could be configurable so that it could store the
entire file contents.  This would further isolate it from the VCS
making it more fault tolerant.  However the cost would be increased
storage requirements.  I doubt if this should be the default setting,
but it could be an option.  This enhancement would be a lower priority
than the other suggestions here.

Eliminating unnecessary VCS access will make reviewboard work better
during failure conditions and should also give speed ups even under
normal operation.

I'm posting here first rather than raising a bug.  If these ideas seem
worthwhile, I'll raise a bug/feature request.

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