I've been playing with RB the last week or so and I'm really
impressed. The syntax highlight for diffs is awesome!

I've added (as a comment to the end) a couple of additions to
Hopefully they will be helpful, they are basically things I hit and
then found in the mailing list/group.

Now for the dumb questions :-)

Is there any value in me posting a review with a patch that adds
revision numbers to the file list in diff view? I know the revision is
in the diff (under each file name) but with source code systems where
each file may have a version, seeing the rev in the files changes list
is (IMHO) handy.

Once a review has been "set submitted", is there the concept of
finding the change number that fixed it? The only way I can see is
ensuring a bug tracker is used than clicking through to that. Do other
people edit the review with the change number before "set submitted"
or is this not something anyone has a need for?

Last one, the emails that get sent out for review on my system end up
having extra slash in the url after the domain:port, e.g.:


so the url doesn't work, is anyone else seeing this or is this a
misconfiguration on my part? I've tried setting the domain with and
without a trailing slash (initially I set it WITH a slash, maybe this
caused it).



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