On 10/6/2008 6:28 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Best way is to submit a patch so it's used for something in 
> post-review. What flag is this for?

The scm I use has the feature of allowing you to pass in a file that 
contains a list of the working files. This is the -l flag, so I added 
the same flag to my subclass of SCMClient, e.g.:

    myscm -l filename

Where filename is a text file with a list of all the files that are 
being working on.

This is handy when the list is large (and/or when you are being sneaky 
and working on multiple problems in the same checkout area).

I've only used it in the sub class of SCMClient. I did toy with the idea 
of putting this in the base class BUT the SCM I use allows the file list 
to contain directory information as well as the file names (and revs) so 
you can be in a sub directory and submit a file in the parent directory. 
Because of this I wasn't sure this was worth making available to all 
SCMClient's. I could certainly move it into the base class and then each 
line would be passed into diff() in the files list/array. Is there any 
interest in that or should I keep this in my subclass (my subclass 
simply passes in the file name to the spawned exe, I don't bother 
reading the file myself)?


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