I've already did some patch uploads through the web interface, but now
when I try to upload a diff generated by subversion nothing happens.

My steps:
1) generate diff with this command:
   svn diff -r 15854:15855 > e:\revision15855.patch
2) go to the web interface, click in "new review request".
3) there's just one repository. It is in http://subversion/svn/. My
work copy is associated the the url http://subversion/svn/sac/trunk/revisado.
I add my patch file, and as "base diff path" I put sac/trunk/revisado

Now nothing happens. I see the same upload interface with Base diff
path filled and the upload box empty. There's no new reviews in the
all reviews request tab.

 The server log shows a post request:
[08/Oct/2008 20:05:29] "POST /r/new/ HTTP/1.1" 200 4221

I've already managed to upload patches using post-review.

I'm using the review-board from the HEAD of the trunk. I'm running it
with sqllite in a windows 2003 machine.

How do I debug this problem?

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