I would like to thank you for developing review board.

I am using review board with  perforce.
When I use the post-review script I get the error
"Unable to parse diff header:"

Running the script with debug set to True gives
$ python post-review.py 52004
>>> svn info
>>> p4 info
>>> repository info: Path: milan.engdlp.symantec.com:1666, Base path: None, 
>>> Supports changesets: True
>>> Repository info 'Path: milan.engdlp.symantec.com:1666, Base path: None, 
>>> Supports changesets: True'
>>> Generating diff for changenum 52004
>>> p4 describe -s 52004
>>> Processing edit of 
>>> //depot/Vontu9/dev/native/src/endpoint/Agent/DetectionCore/ExecutionGraphStatePool.cpp
>>> Writing 
>>> "//depot/Vontu9/dev/native/src/endpoint/Agent/DetectionCore/ExecutionGraphStatePool.cpp#2"
>>>  to "/c/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/tmpkWJo
>>> p4 print -q 
>>> //depot/Vontu9/dev/native/src/endpoint/Agent/DetectionCore/ExecutionGraphStatePool.cpp#2
>>> p4 where 
>>> //depot/Vontu9/dev/native/src/endpoint/Agent/DetectionCore/ExecutionGraphStatePool.cpp
>>> diff -urNp /c/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/LOCALS~1/Temp/tmpkWJoCL 
>>> C:/dev/sources\Vontu9\dev\native\src\endpoint\Agent\DetectionCore\ExecutionGraphStatePool

+++ C:/dev/sources\Vontu9\dev\native\src\endpoint\Agent\DetectionCore

Unable to parse diff header: +++ C:/dev/sources\Vontu9\dev\native\src

My environment is cygwin. I am using
python 2.5.1
diffutils 2.8.7

If I copy paste the diff command to the command line and save the
output to a file I actually see a timestamp. However when the script
executes the command the time stamp is missing.

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