On 10/13/2008 8:38 AM, Jay wrote:
> If I want to add another scmtool support, is it enough to add a new
> file in scmtools folder like anotherscmtool.py which will implements
> several classes and methold? Or any change in other module?

I can confirm that this is pretty much what you have to do as I'm going 
through that process myself right now. The best tip I have is to setup 
another svm (e.v. svn) so you can compare a working scm with your work 
in progress one. You also need to add the scmtool in the web admin 
repository page.

I did find that with the diff parser I ended up sub classing a few more 
methods, my scmtool diff output is not unified :-( With any luck you 
won't have to do much.

I have made a hack to the shared code for making raw diffs via a url - 
I'm not really in a good position to talk about that just yet as it was 
a quick hack to get it working. I'm hoping to do away with it but I've 
not spent any time working out how that will be done :-) The reason for 
this was that I wanted the raw diffs that come out to match the diffs 
that are uploaded and I needed to put back part of the "special" header.


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