I'm stuck.

I did a difference between the 0.7 version I was using (a patched
version from a while ago) and the new pristine 0.8 version.  The diff
command line is different, so I figured I'd just use the older
version.  The execute subroutine is pretty significantly different too
though, so I wasn't able to complete this effort.  I don't know python
enough to do anything substantial.

I'd really like to use the latest and greatest (unpatched), but what I
downloaded doesn't work under cygwin.


# new version of diff:
diff_cmd = ["diff", "-urNp", old_file, new_file]

# old version of diff (0.7)
diff_cmd = "diff -urNp \"%s\" \"%s\"" % (old_file, new_file)

Whatever these differences mean, the v0.8 execute command is unable to
handle the v0.7 diff command.

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