These past couple days, Christian and I have been looking at
performance. Especially in large deployments, reviewboard can get a
bit pokey.

One thing we discovered is that the database accesses for the
dashboard weren't optimal. We've added some custom indexes to the
codebase, but they'll only be used when creating new databases.  If
you're running with an existing deployment, this should help speed
things up (assuming you're also running the latest

       UNIQUE INDEX profile_starred_review_requests__reviewrequest_profile
       ON accounts_profile_starred_review_requests
       (reviewrequest_id, profile_id);
       INDEX group_users__group_user
       ON reviews_group_users
       (group_id, user_id);
       UNIQUE INDEX reviewrequest_target_groups__reviewrequest_group
       ON reviews_reviewrequest_target_groups
       (reviewrequest_id, group_id);
       INDEX reviewrequest_target_people__reviewrequest_user
       ON reviews_reviewrequest_target_people
       (reviewrequest_id, user_id);

These have been tested with mysql.


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