I am also getting this error my exact error is "Unable to parse diff header:
: No such file or directory"

I put in some more debug functions and this is what i get:

>>> Repository info 'Path: isis.hoem.ad.harman.com:1666, Base path: None,
Supports changesets: True'
>>> Generating diff for changenum 163531
>>> p4 describe -s 163531
>>> making tempfile
>>> fd == 6
>>> tmpfile == d:\docume~1\jslomi~1\locals~1\temp\tmpodiyp_
>>> making tempfile
>>> fd == 6
>>> tmpfile == d:\docume~1\jslomi~1\locals~1\temp\tmpnfuhoi
>>> making tempfile
>>> fd == 6
>>> tmpfile == d:\docume~1\jslomi~1\locals~1\temp\tmpahrqhd
>>> Processing edit of
>>> Writing
to "d:\docume~1\jslomi~1\locals~1\temp\tmpnfuhoi"
>>> p4 print -q
>>> f.name = d:\docume~1\jslomi~1\locals~1\temp\tmpnfuhoi
>>> p4 where
>>> diff -urNpbBw d:\docume~1\jslomi~1\locals~1\temp\tmpnfuhoi
I think the problem is that the temp file is never being created but i don't
know why.

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 7:52 PM, AndyP <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Nope.  all the python stuff is under cygwin - doesn't run (without
> some serious setup issues) under dos.  Note that this used to work
> with the previous version of post-review (v0.7)... under cygwin.
>  >

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