We've been running reviewboard now internally for 6 months or so now,
and I was going to create a new server for a much wider audience.

I made the mistake of trying to both upgrade to the latest version,
plus moving to a new machine.

I got the server set up rather easily (I thought) .  I've been having
issues with the post-review script (another discussion thread), so I
decided to try to use the older (v0.7) script.

It doesn't "just work".

I was getting an error from the server that it couldn't import P4
(perforce).  The line in perforce.py says:
>> import P4

I compared the two servers I have, and the only differences that I
have are in the reviewboard scripts.  It appears that someone changed
perforce.py to uppercase - P4 instead of p4.

Ok I thought - I'll just copy the p4 python script to P4.py.

Well - now there are other significant errors, and I can only assume
that something is very wrong now.

Here is an excerpt from the error (after renaming p4.py to P4.py)

Request Method: POST
Request URL: 
Exception Type: TypeError
Exception Value: 'int' object is not callable
Exception Location: /usr/local/src/reviewboard/scmtools/perforce.py in
_connect, line 39
Python Executable: /usr/bin/python
Python Version: 2.5.2

Line 39 of perforce.py says:
>> if not self.p4.connected():

Note that in this case, it is lowercased again!  I'm really hoping
that the tools aren't developed on Windows machines, because on Ubuntu
linux... I'm pretty sure that case matters.
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