On Oct 17, 3:44 pm, "Christian Hammond" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Okay, now that is pretty important. I know you normalized the debug output
> to prevent any leaked info, but are you sure the file paths were all "/" and
> not a mix of "/" and "\" ?

It is only /

> Can you run with --output-diff and then see if that applies to a new
> checkout, or if not, what the reject files contain?

Well, it doesn't without modifying the diff slightly.  I mean the
patchfile that it generates has "//depot/stuff/thebranch/the/file.c"
as the paths to the patched files, so when I get rid of the depot and
branch name in the path it applies cleanly.  The server still wont
take diffs, and the resulting tmpfiles are empty except the *.diff and
*.rej, which contain the diff, and the rejected part of the diff (the
whole thing).
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