SamClark wrote:
> I'm trying to install Review Board on a virtual machine (VMWare
> virtual server) to play around a bit and get a feel for the
> installation before I move on to a physical machine.

> .....I followed the instructions on 
> and got the built-in server running (patchutils be damned). I can
> access/navigate http://localhost:8000/ but only on the virtual machine
> where I am running the built-in server.
> I'm trying to access the home page from another PC on the LAN (this is
> the PC running virtual server) using http://server IP address:8000/
> but I cannot ("Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage").

This is a "django" thing, you need to specify which host/ip to listen on 
when you run the server, e.g.: runserver

It is worth spending a few mins with the Django tutorials/manuals - 
luckily the Django docs are pretty decent (which for me is great as I 
know very little about Django).

I would strongly encourage you to use a real web server as the test one 
is not robust when it comes to using the post-review tool (I added a 
note about this to the FAQ)

Also, if you are going to all the effort of using a VM, I'd be tempted 
to use a Linux distro (e.g Ubuntu) as install is much easier, here is 
how I installed all the dependencies on my vm:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion python-imaging 
python-flup python-dev memcached libmemcache-dev python-svn python-nose 

Of course part of what makes it easier is being familiar with Linux to 
begin with :-) So your mileage may vary.

I'm actually using Windows for development/testing and linux for live 
roll out. You should consider using Cygwin for the patch tools 
dependency (you can use other tools but cygwin is known to work, it is 
what I'm using).

Good luck!


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