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> Thanks Christy ..! I have added reviewers .
> Can you pl clarify my below doubts ..?
> 1.For uploading a file "admin.py" to review,i am just giving the base
> path (say accounts/)and created a DIFF file of admin.py and giving the
> DIFF file path in Browse.Now i can able to see the DIFF file.Am i
> following right procedure?Pl clarify.

You never upload files directory. You upload a diff, generated by "svn diff"
or by using post-review (which is easiest -- check the wiki for

When uploading a diff from "svn diff", the base path is the SVN path to the
directory you were in when you ran "svn diff". So, if your checkout
directory is /trunk/myproject, and that's where you generated the diff,
that's the "base path".

post-review will calculate the base path for you.

2.After finishing review,if author clicks "setsubmitted" button,Is it
> possible to check-in directly to SVN.?

No, there's permission issues that prevent this from working easily. You'll
have to commit by yourself.

3.Is it possible to upload multiple files in single instance for
> review?If so, How?

Yes, by generating a diff instead of uploading files themselves.


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