We would like to see if we can gather some metrics from Reviewboard, 

    * *Inspection Rate:* The number of KLOC inspected per hour.
    * *Defect Identification Rate:* The number of defects found in one
      hour of inspection time.
    * *Defect Density:* The amount of defects found per KLOC.

We need 3 numbers to determine the above metrics:

    * *LOC*: Can easily get this from our repository since we mandate
      association between Review and Commit in the commit log and we
      require all code to go through ReviewBoard.
    * *Defect Count*: We can assume that Comments in RB are actual
      defects discovered during review (unless they are started by the
      submitter him/herself in which case they are "author annotations".)
    * *Review Time*:  ?????

So the only thing which we are unsure about is the review time?

We are thinking of the following two methods:

    * *Review_Duration* = *Time_of_Ship_It_Comment*    -   
    * *Review_Duration* = *Time_of_Ship_It_Comment*    -    *Time of
      First Comment*

But the numbers above aren't exact. In some cases a reviewer might start 
looking at the code immediately, but not comment or they may be trying 
to code on their machine. Other times, the review may stay untouched 
overnight (if it was submitted too late in the day)  and might be looked 
at only the following morning.

Does anyone else have suggestions or has anyone done something like this 


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