You can use the Perforce "p4 files" command to determine if Perforce
thinks the file is text or binary. The last token of the output will
be something like (text) or (binary+l). Note that for a binary file
the character after the + is the letter L in lower case. We've had
this issue and I plan to modify our post-review script to make this

On Oct 8, 6:20 pm, Chris Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 10/8/2008 1:38 AM, Marcos wrote:
> > I am using Perforce.
> > The error is with tga files.
> I'm not a Perforce user.... so dumb question coming.
> Does Perforce have the concept of binary files? Can this information be
> picked up from Perforce (I notice a describe is done before the diffs
> are started)? This would be more robust as you wouldn't have to maintain
> a list of binary extensions.
> Chris
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