On Nov 11, 1:20 am, "Christian Hammond" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > People wrote comments, and I updated my diff. I can understand in ver2
> > I can't see comments of ver1, but why not diff between 1-2? I want to
> > read comments of ver1 on 1-2 diff so to check whether all comments are
> > handled.
> The comments may not make sense on an interdiff. An interdiff is really its
> own diff, and shouldn't contain comments from the other revisions. Lines
> won't match up correctly in most cases and the comments will just end up
> confusing. There's just no real solution to this. Furthermore, you may not
> be able to create an new comment on a line if a comment from a previous
> revision is showing up there.

This is actually something I find lacking in reviewboard. Without
going back and forth between the review request page and the diff
viewer, it's impossible to see how each comment was addressed in the
new revision.
The behavior I guess I'd expect is that comments are linked to a
single revision (but not to interdiffs), and that viewing an interdiff
will show the comments for both revisions (each on its own side, so
it's clear which revision the comment refers to).


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