Dear Christian,

first of: I'm thankful for you to publish and maintain rewiewboard.
I'm also aware that I might have chosen the wrong channel to submit my
bug report. Finally I also see that you want to spread the practice of
code reviews.

Still my experience with the bug reporting process in quite

I found mysterious behavior in post-review and while researching it I
found one way to fix that. Since I want to give back to the community
and didn't like to maintain a separate version of submit-review I
reposted the bug and also send with it a trivial patch to illustrate
the issue.

Probably I erred when also trying to add the patch to the reviewboard
instance at .

The reviewboard submission did't work as expected. You had to explain
to me how to do it, I had to read that, understand it, redo it.

Now I'm expected to rework the thing to conform the reviewboard coding
standards and make the parser better.

To be frank: I think this is all far to much process. post-review had
strange behavior, I investigated the issue, found a bug, changed the
code to improve the situation and tried to provide a bug report with
an illustrative patch.

I think that can be considered good open source citizenship.
What I don't  want is to dive into the reviewboard codebase. I don't
want to write reviewboard coding standards (or PEP 8 or PEP 257)
compliant code at this point, i just want to illustrate an bug.

I expected the maintainers to take the trivial patch and use this as a
pointer where and how to fix their code according to their stylistic
preferences. I was not expecting to be expected to sort imports and
the like.

For me this whole bug is a very frustrating experience. Probably it is
all my error by submitting via reviewboard instead via the bugtracker.

But I wanted to communicate my experience to you - perhaps you might
want the clarify bug submission on the website as a method fto foster
qualified bug reports and keep frustration in the community low.

I have discarded because it
served it's purpose: making authores aware of an bug in their code and
a possible fix.


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