Hi Christian,

Yesterday I've migrated to "new way of..." ReviewBoard (after putting
some effort :)). Today I wanted to upgrade it and all went smoothly
till I wanted to upgrade site. I got same error as yesterday (missing
python sqlite module which was caused by default settings of
ReviewBoard). So I examined the site-packages directory and found out
that there were 2 ReviewBoard directories (yesterday and today
ReviewBoard-0.9.dev_200811(23|24)-py2.4.egg). So the easy_install
actually installed new one instead of upgrading the old one (even if I
used --upgrade). Now I would have to copy my old setting files to this
new instance to get it working. Is this intended behaviour? Do I have
to do it everytime I upgrade ReviewBoard?


On 24 Lis, 00:12, "Christian Hammond" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> We've just finished moving over to a new way of installing and upgrading
> Review Board.
> Review Board, Djblets, Django-Evolution, PIL and Django are now packaged up
> in such a way where you can install or upgrade them all with one command.
> Site installation and upgrading is also handled through a new tool, rb-site.
> The new installation procedure is documented 
> athttp://www.review-board.org/wiki/GettingStarted. It includes information on
> migrating from existing installations.
> To sum up the new changes, basic installation has mostly become:
>    $ sudo easy_install ReviewBoard
>    $ sudo rb-site install /var/www/reviews.example.com
> For the most part, nothing too fundamental has changed. It's just easier to
> get going now. We are, however, considering some large changes within the
> SVN tree that would break sites running out of the tree. This will probably
> happen after 1.0, but may happen sooner if we decide it must be done. We
> recommend that everybody makes an effort to move to the new install method.
> I've done a number of test installs without any problems, but if you hit an
> issue, please let me know and I'll work to address it.
> Christian
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> Christian Hammond - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> VMware, Inc.
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