Christian Hammond wrote:
> .........To sum up the new changes, basic installation has mostly become:
>    $ sudo easy_install ReviewBoard
>    $ sudo rb-site install /var/www/ 
> <>
> For the most part, nothing too fundamental has changed. It's just 
> easier to get going now. We are, however, considering some large 
> changes within the SVN tree that would break sites running out of the 
> tree. This will probably happen after 1.0, but may happen sooner if we 
> decide it must be done. We recommend that everybody makes an effort to 
> move to the new install method.....

Cool! This should make end user deployments much easier, thanks for 
working on this.

Do you have an updated Getting Started guide for developers? I can not 
use eggs (for reviewboard) which are the default for easy_install. Is 
there any easy way to get source out of SVN with easy_install? Maybe 
another new parameter to easy_install or is this more involved?  I do 
want to use SVN so I can:

    * work on changes to feedback to the reviewboard project
    * work on custom changes/patches that will never be feedback

At the moment I'm probably not interested in source for anything other 
than ReviewBoard (i.e. not Djblets, etc.) so eggs for everything else is 
probably ok.

I guess this is more of a future question as the tree hasn't changed yet.



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