Hello All,

At our company we're internally discussing the userfullness of a 
"Comment Type" value for all comments.

For the purposes of this discussion we are assuming that all "Comments" 
are defects found during code review.

We currently have internal reports that report the defect density. 
(Number of "Comments / KLOC of Reviewed code)

It occured to us that we'd like to find out also the type of defect. It 
could be:

    * Functional... the code won't work
    * Performance
    * Coding style problem
    * Etc....

For this, we'd propose the addition of a "Comment Type" drop down list 
when adding a new comment.

What do you think about this addition to the main line of code? Would 
this be something useful to others? Is this on the roadmap maybe?

If not, then we may volunteer to do this in 3 months or so.

H. M.

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