I've just moved to rev 1623 in trunk (I was at 1519). I do like the new 
"manual upgrade required" screen that pops up (settings.py has been 
updated to change the location for "htdocs/media/uploaded/images"). Very 
slick and should saves lots of admin hair pulling :-)

However when I first loaded the main page (and review page) it appeared 
to be "messed up" in Google Chrome and IE6 (to the point that diffs are 
not usable). This turned out to be because the whole of the htdocs 
directory had moved (changes to settings.py), not just the upload dir.

    REM this is new with heads revs as of 5th dec 2008
    REM rev 1623
    mkdir C:\svn\django\htdocs\media\uploaded\images
    mkdir C:\svn\django\htdocs\media\rb\images
    xcopy /S /Y C:\svn\django\reviewboard\htdocs C:\svn\django\htdocs

I'm assuming I can still run from SVN without the deployment tool pre RB 
1.0 - is this a bad assumption?

Before the change RB was using (on this Windows box) 
C:\svn\django\reviewboard\htdocs. The good thing is that the manual 
upgrade required web page helped me work out what was going in.

I also had some problems with the evolve, it worked but accessing (old) 
reviews (against svn) I get errors about bad change description/numbers 
:-(. Oddly the old reviews with my work in progress SCMTool are fine. 
I'm planning on starting a fresh db but I have copies (sqlitedb) if 
there is interest in debugging this. It isn't bothering me but I thought 
I would mention it (rather than logging a bug/issue). The pull from 
trunk also updated dbjlets, etc.

I don't need fixes but wanted to share this in case other people hit 
this too (and in case I'm deploying incorrectly).



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