Hi guys,

I have recently installed ReviewBoard for Code Reviews on a Linux
server in my Company.
We're running a Perforce SCM. Even though i had initially run into
some issues regarding installation, it is finally up and running.

But now i've hit another roadblock with the post-review tool. We've a
development machine on which all of us have our P4 Workspaces. So I've
to generate the diff from this development server to the other server
on which reviewboard is running. But when I try to run the post-review
tool on a changelist, I get an error  with debug flag on:

Unable to parse diff header: --- /tmp/tmpHMpfDv 2008-12-07
15:43:46.000000000 +0530
 +++ /home/rpius/perforce/evros-dev1.6patch-rpius/nlg_rel1.6_patch/
        1970-01-01 05:30:00.000000000 +0530
 @@ -1,731 +0,0 @@

The second file on my workspace has the time stamp wrong as well
(01-01-1970). When I manually do a diff the time-stamp is correct

diff -urNp /tmp/tmpHMpfDv /home/rpius/perforce/evros-dev1.6patch-rpius/

--- /tmp/tmpH6xa0M      2008-12-07 15:31:23.000000000 +0530
+++ /home/rpius/perforce/evros-dev1.6patch-rpius/nlg_rel1.6_patch/
common/evlog/evl_log.c        2008-11-21 22:00:53.000000000 +0530

What is happening here ??

I tried going through the post-review code(with no knowledge of
python). What I found was that the post-review tool expects the time
stamp to be the first thing on the diff(That is not the case as seen
above) .
Also the post-review tool appends --- and +++ after the diff is
generated, but in my case this is already present in the diff command
itself (as seen above).

So the post-review tool doesn't seem to be getting the pattern it
expects. So what do i do?
Even when I deleted the portion of the code checking for the time
stamps initially(line number 990-1023)...It still gives me another
error when it tries to post the review - something about the arguments
being messed up(obviously!!!) in the diff and thus unable to post

I also read somewhere that this could be some problem with the older
But I've diffutils-2.8.7-80 On OpenSuse11..

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.....

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