I just ran some of the code through for that diff header and it appears to
be working okay here. Perhaps there's something subtle we're not accounting

Can you e-mail me (privately if you like) the actual debug output from
post-review? You can strip anything you need to strip, but the diff header
parts are pretty important. Output to a file instead of copying and pasting,
because I'll need to check tabs vs. spaces and such.


Christian Hammond - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
VMware, Inc.

On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 2:26 AM, roshanpius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I have recently installed ReviewBoard for Code Reviews on a Linux
> server in my Company.
> We're running a Perforce SCM. Even though i had initially run into
> some issues regarding installation, it is finally up and running.
> But now i've hit another roadblock with the post-review tool. We've a
> development machine on which all of us have our P4 Workspaces. So I've
> to generate the diff from this development server to the other server
> on which reviewboard is running. But when I try to run the post-review
> tool on a changelist, I get an error  with debug flag on:
> Unable to parse diff header: --- /tmp/tmpHMpfDv 2008-12-07
> 15:43:46.000000000 +0530
>  +++ /home/rpius/perforce/evros-dev1.6patch-rpius/nlg_rel1.6_patch/
> common/evlog/evl_log.c
>        1970-01-01 05:30:00.000000000 +0530
>  @@ -1,731 +0,0 @@
> The second file on my workspace has the time stamp wrong as well
> (01-01-1970). When I manually do a diff the time-stamp is correct
> (21-11-2008)
> diff -urNp /tmp/tmpHMpfDv /home/rpius/perforce/evros-dev1.6patch-rpius/
> nlg_rel1.6_patch/common/evlog/evl_log.c
> --- /tmp/tmpH6xa0M      2008-12-07 15:31:23.000000000 +0530
> +++ /home/rpius/perforce/evros-dev1.6patch-rpius/nlg_rel1.6_patch/
> common/evlog/evl_log.c        2008-11-21 22:00:53.000000000 +0530
> What is happening here ??
> I tried going through the post-review code(with no knowledge of
> python). What I found was that the post-review tool expects the time
> stamp to be the first thing on the diff(That is not the case as seen
> above) .
> Also the post-review tool appends --- and +++ after the diff is
> generated, but in my case this is already present in the diff command
> itself (as seen above).
> So the post-review tool doesn't seem to be getting the pattern it
> expects. So what do i do?
> Even when I deleted the portion of the code checking for the time
> stamps initially(line number 990-1023)...It still gives me another
> error when it tries to post the review - something about the arguments
> being messed up(obviously!!!) in the diff and thus unable to post
> it...
> I also read somewhere that this could be some problem with the older
> diffutils-2.8.1
> But I've diffutils-2.8.7-80 On OpenSuse11..
> Any Help would be greatly appreciated.....
> >

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