Tee - your best bet is to just get stuck in and play :-)

I've not come across any docs other than what is in the code, I ended up 
setting up a reviewboard server to svn and seeing what it did as well as 
creating an empty NEWscmtool that subclasses SCMTool and adding methods 
as they were called when I tried to use my new scm.

I used a mix of live debugging in pdb and the occasional "print" statement.


tilek wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'd like to create a new SCMTool that is used to connent a PVCS
> repository.
> I read the python code and I think, I must create a new class
> eg.PVCSTool that extends the base class SCMTool.
> Thus, the new class must implement many method of base class but I
> don't know the objective of each method and I cannot find any document
> (developer guide).
> Could you please help me to explain about method of SCMTool?
> Thanks,
> Tee

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