KunalG wrote:
> .....
> 3.  Some installation steps provided for the client side to use 'post-
> review.py' which asks for the bug ID first.

My 2 cents (and I may have misunderstood your modifications), write a 
wrapper around post-review instead of modifying it. Some of my team have 
created (shell) scripts for doing this, we have a similar setup where 
bug numbers are the driver not the review number. We've only modified 
post-review for generic enhancements (and then contributed back to 
reviewboard) and for our custom SCS.

Offtopic; I did start to modify post-review for Jython 2.2 but I gave up 
in the end and simply installed the unstable 2.5 beta of Jython, works 
ok so far (with a custom getpass module).

Basically I would leave post-review alone so if/when it is enhanced you 
don't have to deal with cross integrating changes.


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