A little update:-)

3. Opera will have CPU close to 100% only if I scroll the diff view,
and when I settle down, everything is calm. While poor IE has CPU 100%
for a long time. Just move the mouse cursor around and CPU is sky

5. Opera has the black box as well, and this time I figured it out.
When I click the title of diff block, the title is surrounded by black
box(is it intended?) And if I click the content of diff, the content
is surrounded too, but only those with green background. White
background content will not have black box.

On Dec 29, 7:28 am, Terry Zhong <think...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Nice work for new ui! However bugs spotted. Upgraded our testing
> server 30min ago, new ui looks great except:
> 1. according to bug #656 Opera should be able to click on file name to
> jump to diff. In previous version when I click, the browser trembles a
> little and keep on top, and now the browser just keep still, as if I
> didn't click. IE is OK.
> 2. There are something wrong in star toggling scripts. When I go to /
> r/, there is a script error on line 211, which is
>         $("#star-reviewrequests-75").toggleStar(
> The new star script only works in dashboard, not here. Both IE and
> Opera.
> 3. When viewing any diff in IE, no matter review quest or diff view
> (espcially diff view), CPU is always close to 100%. Opera is OK.
> 4. The browser should break very long line into several short lines to
> fit screen. However now in IE long lines are not broken, and the whole
> window is a wide mess. I can hardly provide a screenshop since it's
> very very wide. Opera is OK.
> 5. Some strange black box appear in diff view in IE, most time
> surrounding the title of diff for each file. Randomly, and usually
> only occur at the first file diff block. Opera is OK.
> 6. There is a "view" button in comment dialog,however I spotted that
> when I click it, the browser didn't position precisely at the comment,
> because the new "Loading" box will change page height dynamically, and
> the position is lost.
> I can reproduce these for several times so I guess they really exist.
> If you need any more details, please let me know, glad to help.
> Testing environment:
> Django 9690
> Djblets 11923
> RB 1651
> Opera 9.63
> IE7
> Server, browser and memcached are all cleared.
> Terry Zhong
> On Dec 28, 5:24 pm, "Christian Hammond" <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> > Hi everyone.
> > I've committed the new review UI earlier today and posted a news update
> > going over the major changes. It's available at:
> >http://www.review-board.org/news/2008/12/28/new-review-ui/
> > It's really important to make sure you restart/clear your server-side cache
> > after upgrading or the diff viewer won't work correctly! And please let me
> > know if you run into any major issues.
> > Christian
> > --
> > Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
> > VMware, Inc.
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