I have this issue on Ubuntu 8.10. The review dialog pops up like
normal and I can click into the various text entry fields, but I can't
enter text into any of them. (I can, however, check/uncheck the "Ship
It" checkbox.)

On Dec 29, 4:32 am, Ibmurai <j...@dansupport.dk> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've set review-board up on a Debian linux. After about 10 hours of
> hammering I finally got it working somewhat.
> The only problem is that I cannot enter text in text-fields in
> dialogs:
> * I cannot enter a caption in the "Submit screenshot" dialog, and
> therefore I cannot submit a screenshot.
> * I cannot enter text in the review dialog...
> Does anyone know what might be wrong? There's no errors in apache's
> error-log...
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