I'm using ReviewBoard (in Linux) with SVN. I'm using post-review.py to
post the changes.

For example consider a case where I added (svn add) a new Makefile,
deleted (svn del) a .c file and moved (svn mv) a python script from a
different folder to the current folder. svn status shows the following

A  +   python.py
D      api/test.c
A      Makefile

Note that the file (.py) is marked with '+' history scheduled to
commit. Using svn diff on this scenario shows the modifications for
the files test.c and Makefile. But the moved file is not shown by svn

post-review.py has function handle_renames in SVNClient. The comment
of this function says

        The output of svn diff is incorrect when the file in question
        into being via svn mv/cp. Although the patch for these files
        relative to its parent, the diff header doesn't reflect this.
        This function fixes the relevant section headers of the patch
        portray this relationship.

Inside this function they check for the "Copied From URL" tag which is
available in the svn info of the moved or copied files. But this
handle_renames is called with the diff content and diff content
(generated by svn diff) doesn't have the moved/copied files listed!?

Am I missing something or how does this work?

How do make the diff content (using svn diff) to generate the
difference for the moved or copied files.

Thank you very much,

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