I'm trying to use reviewboard with memcached.  I'm getting the
"Reviewboard is napping" message and I don't see any memcached
accesses in the memcached verbose output.  I let Reviewboard nap over
the weekend and it's still napping.

I'm using reviewboard revision 1668 (from last Friday).  I have this
line in the config:
CACHE_BACKEND = 'memcached://'

I'm using memcached 1.2.6, started this way:
./memcached -vv -m 256 -l -p 11211 -U 11211

The last few lines from memcached logs:
<6 server listening
<7 send buffer was 109568, now 268435456
<7 server listening (udp)

I'm also using mod_python.  The system is running in VMWare.

Any ideas?


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