We use Review Board within our group on a local server. Do get outside of
the network we need to pass a proxy. That's why everybody usually has set
http_proxy and no_proxy environment variables.

Unfortunately the Python library urllib, which post-review uses to get the
proxy settings of the system, does not check the no_proxy variable. This
leads to 500 errors when I try to access the reviewboard server. A quick
workaround is to surround the post-review call with 'unset http_proxy' and
'set http_proxy'.

This works fine for most team members except for those with Macs. When
running on a Mac urllib even checks the systems internet configuration,
which is not that easy to alter. I tried to add a no_proxy switch to the
post-review script (diff attached), but with this the script won't be able
to authenticate anymore.

Does anybody have an idea how to make that work properly?


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