I don't do any UI work, so I know very little about Javascript, but
one of my co-workers is using Firebug, and apparently it says this
when you try to click the "Review" button:
$("<div/>").attr("id", "review-form").appendTo("body").html
(formHTML).modalBox is not a function

He also says "the click handlers for the line numbers just are not
there in the diff view".

When he reloads the diff page, he gets these two errors:
$.widget is not a function   jquery.gravy.js line 156
$.funcQueue is not a function  reviews.js line 1242

So I'd assume this has to do with the jquery upgrade. But I don't
understand why downgrading Review Board doesn't fix it. Hmm.

On Jan 30, 11:17 am, plumpy <plu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Last night I did an easy_install upgrade from the 01/25 build to the
> 01/29 build. Now no one can leave comments. Clicking on lines of code
> on the diff does nothing. Clicking the "Review" button at the top puts
> a little "Ship It" button and a text entry box at the very bottom of
> the page... not in a pop-up.
> I tried downgrading ReviewBoard and Djblets to their previous versions
> (by editing easy-install.pth), but it still doesn't work. Now I am at
> a loss. Eek! Can you think of anything else I could try reverting?
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