Steps to reproduce: Create a review request with a diff that includes
the creation of a file. Update the diff with an additional change to
the new file. Go to the diff view, view changes between r1 and r2.

Observed behavior: The side-by-side diff table for the new file has
class="sidebyside newfile", but there is actual data in the left
column (the r1 of the new file). The CSS in diffviewer.css lines 19
(table.sidebyside.newfile col.left) and 32 (table.sidebyside.newfile
col.left) causes the left column to be narrow and the text inside it
to wrap (inside firefox 3 at list, it seems IE7 does not honor
white-space: pre-wrap).

Expected behaviour: Since there is content in both columns, this
side-by-side diff should not have the "newfile" class. Removing this
class using Firebug leads to the desired layout. Okay, that's not the lastest version,
and I have not tested with the alpha prerelease, lacking time to do
the upgrade.

Is that a known issue? Have it been fixed in the alpha release?

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