Issue resolved.

For reasons still a bit unclear to me, the apache directory /var/www/
reviewboard/htdocs directory was not being used as I expected. Instead
the python/site-pakages/reviewboard/htdocs directory was active. I
created a symlink from www area to python area, copied my old images
over, and it's all working now.

On Feb 2, 11:57 am, mary <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently migrated/upgraded from a source tree install to the
> easy_install ReviewBoard install.
> Since the install uploading of screenshots no longer works. You can
> upload the image without error, but the image is not displayed. The
> httpd error_log indicates that the uploaded file does not exist and in
> fact, I cannot file the image file in the media/uploaded/images
> directory.
> I copied all the contents of the media/uploaded/images directory to
> the new media/uploaded/images directory after my migration/upgrade.
> The file permissions are all correct (owned by apache user) and this
> was working just fine prior to the upgrade.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Mary
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