Good to know.

In my (unsolicited) opinion, reviewbord could do away entirely with
the newfile class.

I want my new file diffs to appear in two columns with an empty left
column. It makes it obvious that this is a diff view (as opposed as a
snapshot view) and results in a more consistent display, where "the
important stuff" is always on the right.

I realize that the "only one column when it's a new file" is a
seductive idea, but I think it is bad human factors.

Two cents.

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 23:42, Christian Hammond <> wrote:
> Hi David.
> There's a bug open for this at:
> We should have this fixed for 1.0. It's not fixed yet, and it's been around
> for a while, but it shouldn't be hard to fix. We'll probably get it in the
> betas.

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