I originally installed Review Board to just try it out so used sqlplus
since it was the easiest db to install.  In a short span of time it
went from me, to my team, to 3 teams coming to depend on it.  I have
upgraded a couple times and just yesterday upgrade to Alpha2 (the
progressive load of diffs is amazing and addresses the last complaint
of the na-sayers on our team).

So with this install I went with all the bells and whistles but the
one thing I couldn't do was migrate to MySQL.  We not have come to
depend on the artifacts of the reviews so starting from scratch isn't
possible.  I attempted to use the backup-db.py script and first ran
into problems with not "UTF-8" characters.  I changed the script to
catch the errors and ignore those lines but then ran into some sort of
"int()" exception in regards to the Changedescs and got frustrated and
gave up.  So my question is this.  Have you tried running the script
recently?  Is it broken or just special to my environment?  Is there
really no other better way to do this?

Any info would be great. Thanks!
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